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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  September 22, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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situation in northern california. >> thousands of firefighters from as far as away as alaska and florida are work around the clock to get the a handle on the flames. >> the kings fire was ignited 60 miles east of sacramento and scorched 170 square miles and threatening residents and home and business near the community of pollack pines and marching towards a popular destination lake tahoe. >> abc's brandy joins us live from loss ankle less. >> rick, monica, there's also severe flooding in parts of texas, and colorado today. it's complete opposite here in california. where the massive wildfire is chewing through bone dry forest land and firefighters are struggling to keep up. >> it's a non-stop assault in northern california. with more than 5,000 firefighters now gaping ground on the king wildfire but not
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fast enough. >> very frustrating for everybody. it's long hours, long days. >> you can see how quickly the fire spread in a little more than a week. scorching 136 square miles enforcing cancellation of last week's iron man triathlon. >> people are worried. >> flames destroyed ten homes while 37-year-old wayne huntsman sits behind bars pleading not guilty to intentionally setting the blaze. overhead, tankers are waging a record-setting air war dropping 450,000 gallons of fire retardant the most ever used on wildfire coating homes with pink retardant dust. and thankful families are showing their apreciation any way they can. >> putting a smile to law officer firefighters one at a time. >> this drought stricken reej john desperate for rain and colorado and texas get hammered
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with too much at once and el paso police say one person drowned in flash flooding and durango heavy downpours flooded homes. now much needed rain is expected in northern california in the next few days. there's been 167 new wildfires statewide just in the past week alone. reporting live in los angeles. brandy hick. rick. >> thank you for that report. the u.s. secret service planning to boost its service ra round the whitehouse after not one but two security breaches over the weekend. omar gone dal he's iraqi war veteran jumped over a white house fence last week and got through a door when stopped. he was in court when wros tuters described him as a daipinger to the president. they found 800 rounds of ammunition in gonzalez's car. >> the secret service has challenging task of balancing need to ensure the safety and
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security of first family and ensuring that the whitehouse continues to be the people's house. >> in a second incident on saturday a 19-year-old south jersey man drove up to the white house and refused to leave. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the whitehouse security breach and massive fire fight out west. watch that 6:30 following "action news" at 6. >> a rally getting underway right now in support of hundreds of striking nurses from crozerest whicher medical center. ear look look live at dub lib county. each though they were working without a contract union officials say this strike has nothing to do with money. they're claiming dangers russly slow staffing levels that is disputed by the hospital officials by the way so rear very will have the latest on the ving for you coming up at 6. >> two members of local 401 of iron workers of america pled
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guilty to list of charges and conspiracy and arson today. francis o'donnell and william gillan pled guilty the local 401 headquarters was raided in northeast philadelphia and union top leaders are aaccused of using intimidation to force non-contracted employees to hire labor. along the 1300 of south patchton a group of people were barbequeing when suddenly someone started shooting and a 48-year-old man and 21-year-old man were critically injured and 21-year-old woman suffered a grays wound to the leg. detectives recovered 21 shell casings at the scene. >> south jersey firm that had off as around the world is moving to philadelphia. they'll move 222 job to the city
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in next three years and receive 1.8 in grapdz and tax credit. >> septa got a multi-mill ordollar boost from a federal grant worth 86.8 million now goes through instra truck tour projects. through the federal transit administration emergency release program that agency was funded after hurricane sandy. >> and philadelphia hurt owe wreak an parade and festival is days away and action cam city hall organizer raised puerto rican flag as part of annual tradition leading up to festivities and thousands of spectators are expected to take part in the event that celebrates purt wreak an an late and he heritage and set up after parade celebrations to set up parties on the streets fol the parade. 6abc is allowed to bring you coveragep of puerto rican day parade this coming sunday. join walter perez and our
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coverage kicks off 12:30. >> new interactive feature letting "action news" viewers take control of chopper6hd themselves. here's a live look at chopper6hd. now when our chopper 6 is in the air you can literally take advantage of new student including 360 camera and the controls are right under your finger tips to use your hope to, tablet or computer you can move the camera download the app for you're on your phone and tablet. go to for chopper 6 and links to those apps. . all right we have more breaking news to pass along tonight the pennsylvania house just passed two dollar a pack cigarette fax for city of of philadelphia and it will help the school district close the budget gap. 11 8 to 34 vote. governor corbett said he'll sign the bill if it makes it to his desk. >> all right. time for another look at traffic
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monday night with matt pellman. >> he's got an update on highways and by ways how are we looking. >> saying goodbye to summer. >> we're holding up. >> this afternoon we're also saying goodbye to this ramp unfortunately rick and monica until turkey time, thanksgiving they have the ramp spring garden to the westbound schuylkill shut down. it happened after the morning crush. you can't get on the westbound side of 76 until about thanksgiving and you have to do to get to the westbound side of the schuylkill. i had a crash earlier in the work zone southbound to cottman got us to a plaza part and in bucks and montgomery counties still one hatfield, getting word of vehicle into a house in will m ton second at bloom street. no major issues on 95 to newcastle county in gloucester
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county called jar vus road through january 10. by then it will be nice and chilly outside. rick and monica back to you. >> let's not talk about it. how depressing. >> thanks, matt. >> still to come on "action news" tonight and environmental activists take to the streets of new york city to demand accountability for -- >> we'll explain for you adam. >> monica the last afternoon of the summer temperatures taken a tumble since the weekend and summer is not with us just yet. even though the calendar says fall. we'll talk about it in the 7-day. >> adam, jamie apody has an eagles update and one star player. details in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ >> steps of thousands of protesters wept to financial district to protest. acknowledgeing a role in what activists call the climate crisis. >> they kicked off the week long xwlobal initiative conference and sharee williams joins us more with that. >> this is a push for action to stop global warming.
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this is 10th annual global initiative and a number of dignitary as around the world are partnering with bill and hillary on this topic. clinton family well represented with daughter chelsea attending today's event in new york. former president clinton thanked those org phasing to do their part against global warming and speaking at a separate event today secretary of state john kerry weighed in during his remarks he said mother nature is screaming at us and the time to act is now. >> it's about time that world leaders come to united nations and to recognize this threat in the way that is requires and demand and it gives me hope that this globe am summit may actually produce leadership that is necessary to try to come together and move the needles. >> meanwhile hundreds protested what they say is wall street's role in climate crisis and
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environmental activists organized sit in on the streets of manhattan dressed in blue and marching carrying signs chaptering and sitting down on broadway and elsewhere as workers and tourists looked on. now, organizeers say the pro steingt meant to highlight the role corporations play in stalling political action to combat global warming rick and monica there's a poll out that talks about environment cannot for most challenging issue but priority they think needs more attention. it's something still in the talks. >> thank you. >> meantime a massive you space craft has actually made the 442 million mile journey to mars. scientists believe the mar tan atmosphere holds clues how earth neighbor wept west nil wronz of year as going to cold and dry nasa hones to send astronauts to the surface of mars by 2030 how
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cool is that. >> pretty cool turning to sports now. pretty cool win for the eagles and at a biss loss tonight as far as injuries. >> it was a nail biter too. jamie apody has more. >> eagles decimated offensive line took a biggest heat hit yesterday as we learned captain ever the crew jay sob kelce will a miss a big chunk of time. chip kelly announced today kelce will need sports hernia surgery after suffering an injuryry against the redskins. he left the game after the first play 3rd quarter the team lost barbie, tobin and math us. tobin could be back next week. kelce could be out until december. >> i just talked to him. i have not met with the doctors. i saw him in the hallway. he'll have sports hernia surgery. i don't know how long he'll be out. i'll get that later this afternoon. >> the lion only has two regulars left and one jason
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peters could be facing suspension possibly after what certain talking about mini melee on the field that proved the fight in this team and fight in foles. here's a look back at the brawl. >> eagles are over open the redskins sideline and they're fighting for good reason. their quarterback nick foles is down on the field. he was cheap shoted by chris baker nose guard for washington redskins and anybody over there fighting they should be fighting. >> i made a football play i got punched in the face. i deposit do anything wrong i defended myself after getting hit and if i could do it again i would do it again. >> jason peters wept after him an i applaud jason peters? you have ever thought when you saw him get hit like that i'm going to go after the guy. >> no, i reacted didn't planty seen him cheap shot him and took off after him. >> i deposit see it happen i
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found it out after the fight. and love jason pete others to death. >> tough guy. tough character and it shows, foles is foles he has the win for sdmrus my teammates are fighting for me i'll get up it's not a pride thing where i have to be tough it's i know they're depending on me i'll get up for them. >> 2nd down, foles goes back. firing to the end zone. scores. touchdown. jeremy maclin. >> boy did he rebound. nick foles something else. tough serk at chip kelly told him. big news out of yesterday's win was one guy not happy kerry williams that blamed team's poor start open the fact he thinks chip kelly is working him too hard at practice. it's hard to fight 60 minutes when you fight throughout practice. we need to be productive and have more energy on sundays. you have to be smart as a
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coaching staff and players he was asked about the quarterback. >> he came in on his own today. he was frustrated and i understand that. cary is competitor. i have no issues with cary. >> we'll have more on that at 6 and phillies off tonight. rick back to you. >> jamie, thank you very much. speaking of eagles they're helping tackle food and players like mark sanchez and bennie logan in olney today to announce the team's partnership with the pennsylvania horticultural society city harvest program and city growers distribute them to food cub board. sint program began in 2006 it helped feed 1200 families in helped feed 1200 families in to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. this is crazy
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storm for the end of the week. 65 allentown and 69 trenton and 55 in the poconos and a little warmner dover at 71 degrees and boardwalk coming in at 69. and those wind have been driving out of the northwest the entire day. wind speed right now in philadelphia, 16 miles an hour. 18 wilmington and 12 allentown and 15 poconos. if you are underneath one of the clouds or on the shady side of the street today, it definitely felt a little cool for the last afternoon of summer. there are some of the clouds that developed. they faded off satellite at this moment and they will not return as we go through the overnight hours. and so we say good-bye to summer and officially hello to autumnal equinox tonight 10:29 p.m. we
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fearly had equal day and equal night before those nights get longer and longer and at the end of september and especially during the month of october. we're sitting pretty tomorrow, high pressure. lots of sunshine, 71 degrees. this high will migrate to the north and east on wednesday. winds around the high clockwise. winds low counter clockwise and we get the flow in between the two that will increase clouds from the ocean wednesday toovrn wednesday night and it's breezy at the shore. 75 degrees inland and this low we will have to watch to see how far north it gets or if it pushes out to sea for thursday. and for tonight, it is quiet out there. mostly clear. 42 in suburbs and very chilly for the first night of fall. 51 in center city and your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast will show another beautiful day tomorrow at 71 and clouds increase on wednesday after morning sun of 74 and we'll watch the coast on thursday of 70 degrees and future tracker early on thursday morning showing that soaking rain pushing in but two other
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models will argue with future tracker that is does stay out to sea and it's something we watch. if we see rain right now looks like half an inch or so on average and friday turning sunny, 78. right now look at the weekend. saturday, and sunday, summerlike sunshine. we're back above normal low 8 owes and above normal monday. summer will takeover in that 7 day. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you, adam. >> in other news tonight former patmanian declared war against call of duty because he used his likeness. imprisoned dictator is suing akty vision is saying he used his likeness in 2012 division. the judge is dismiss asked to
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dismiss the case. he doesn't want noregea to profit from crimes of corruption. >> an all new series called forever. >> proms mystery, intrigue, suspense suspense and romance that stands the test of time. >> it resolves around henne morgan. he worked for the new york city examiners office and solves criminal cases but here's the twist he cannot die and has been searching for answer to ultimate mystery more than 200 years. >> we know he lived forever but it's not necessarily the most enjoyable of things. it's more of a curse rather than blessing. >> he is -- forever has a special premiere tonight 10:00 here on 6abc. you can also catch it in its regular time slot tomorrow at 10. and tonight, our prime time schedule starts 8:00 with two hours of dance with the stars and then forever followed by hours of dance with the stars and then forever followed by "action news" at
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>> well trash collection and recyclables got neater in strawberry mansion. officials cut the ribbon on new sanitation center 6 and glen wood and new building offers convene place for throwing out trash, ecycles items, bulk waste, tires, mattresses and box springs courtsey of streets department. >> good idea. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more and following developing story in olney section of philadelphia a teenage girl killed and police are hunting for the shooter. >> and vandals target a delaware car dealership dousing dozens of vehicles with acid we'll have more on that. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, rick williams, the
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>> it is monday night the big story on "action news" is a search for suspects in a late afternoon shooting that killed 15-year-old girl and ounded a teenage boy. shots were fired outside the olney transportation center in philadelphia. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the scene and dan you have the full story. >> jim, the front of ip stein medical center one of busiest hospital in the city is now a crime scene. sealed with yellow crime scene
6:00 pm
tape. this as investigators try to piece together the event that led to the shooting death of 15-year-old girl and left a 19-year-old male in critical condition. >> police say they began receiving numerous calls to 911 about a large crowd gathered outside the septa transportation septemberer broad and olney 4:15 this afternoon. >> a large crowd of juveniles and young adults were rowdy. they were unruly that was radio call and walking south from broad and olney right towards sign stein hospital minutes later the shots rang sglout when smoke cleared a 15-year-old girl and 19-year-old male were critically wounded in front of sign sign medical center the gill later died inside the emergency room and the 19-year-old police say is fighting for his life in critical condition. and police say there were numerous witnesses to the bizarre shooting outside the hospital. >> we also have at least five young adults and juveniles who we believe were with the shooter or shooters at the